Renew Wales

The Brief

To create a brand identity for a Welsh renewable energy community thats primary activity was the sharing and encouragement of thoughts, ideas and resources, that would not only raise awareness of renewable energy solutions, but act as a catalyst to future energyapproaches.

The brand required to be bilingual and have an inviting, inclusive personality to encourage new and existing users to promote its services.



The renewable energy sources that the service promoted was each given an identity, shown visually through colour. The brand was designed to be astract and fluid, to show the open-minded and expressive nature of the brand. The idea being if the brand was open would encourage people to share ideas and create its own communities.

One element of the brand was the 'speech bubble' that was projected on to every touchpoint of the brand, and visually displayed communities interacting, through Wales.


As Programme Director of Renew Wales I can honestly say that I am delighted with the work done by Arts Factory creating all our branding and designs for Renew Wales' promotional material. We are always getting comments from people about how much they like our logo and branding, highlighting how fresh and clean the design is. Their service is also exemplary and I would definitely use them again, the fact that they are also a Social Enterprise who support disadvantaged people in their local area is fantastic but it is the quality of their work that will ensure people continue to use their services.

Robert Proctor,
Project Director


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